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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I place an order directly with Luxottica Lab Services with Private Pay?
A: Currently this option is not available. However, it is under review.

Q: Do we offer the Chemistry Clip?
A: No. Luxottica Lab Services does not offer this option.

Q: How can I place an order for a lens that is currently not available as an option through EyeMed’s ordering portal for Luxottica Lab Services?
A: Our lens assortment is currently being updated quarterly. If there is a specific lens that you would like added, please contact Customer Care and we will review.

Q: Where can I find Private Pay pricing?
A: Private Pay pricing is available by calling the LLS Customer Service Team. Additionally, EyeMed provides a Product Catalog on their InFocus website.

Q: How can I request shipping labels?
A: Shipping labels are available online through EyeMed’s online ordering portal. This link takes you to instructions to print labels.  You can print labels as you need them and even record which order corresponds with a particular tracking number, making record keeping easy. Completed orders ship from our lab using Next Day delivery services through UPS.

Q: Can I make an edit to an order that we’ve already transmitted?
A: Yes, you can make an edit to an order at any time. If the order has already started the manufacturing process, there is a Private Pay cost associated with the order at 50{27efd6f6c9e3808933342cf64b49b2f42d56ace98703920a559d94aac7df6180}.

Q: Can I request a status document for all my open orders?
A: A daily report is available that reflects all active orders placed or recently shipped. This report can be received via email or fax. Contact Customer Service to update your preference.

Q: What should I do when I need an order to be remade?
A: Call Customer Care and a remake order will be processed for you. A new Order Acknowledgment form will be sent to you via fax or email with the remake order number referenced.

Q: Do I have to mail my frame in?
A: Both original and remake orders can be placed as Lens Only, Uncut or Frame to Come. Some exceptions apply and in some cases a frame UPC might be required for an order to process.

Q: How often will your catalog be updated?
A: Our catalog is updated quarterly.

Q: What kind of scratch warranty is currently offered for our patients?
A: Currently we offer a 1-year warranty for scratch resistance coatings for all materials except Trivex, where a 2-year warranty applies. We also offer a separate warranty for AR coatings. The warranty for standard AR coatings is up to 1 year. The warranty for any premium AR coating is up to 2 years.

Q: Are mirror coatings available?
A: Mirror coatings are available with our Ray-Ban and Oakley authentic lens assortment.

Q: When will the different intensities of the tint combinations be available to order?
A: We understand that there are different levels of intensities and are currently working to have this added to the catalog.

Q: Can we order a combination of tint and AR?
A: No. Unfortunately the tint/AR combination is not currently supported through Luxottica Lab Services.