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Ray-Ban® Prescription Lenses

Since our launch in 1937 – to protect pilots’ eyes from harmful sun rays – we have always been at the forefront of lens manufacturing. We lead the way in new lens technology and are pioneers in polarized gradient color. Furthermore, we have embraced the latest technology to perfect anti-reflective, water-repellent coatings.  Everything we do is driven by our original aim: to protect wearer’s eyes for ultimate performance, while completing their everyday look with the most sought-after designs.

Now for the first time, we are offering a wide range of frames with authentic Ray-Ban® prescription lenses. Available for both clear glasses and sunglasses, you can be sure that every detail meets the highest standards of our brand. For customers who don’t want to compromise on quality and are looking for the complete Ray-Ban® experience, this latest innovation is exactly what they have been waiting for.

  • A position of wear general-use DST progressive that accommodates corridor angle/length and near reading area specific to the correction need.
  • Super hydro/oleophobic, anti-static, backside UV protection.
  • Ray-Ban® Blue – A nearly clear lens that targets RPE retinal health with up to 25% reduction of blue light.
  • We replicate the wavelength attenuation of plano in our RX lens colors. Plano look, great optical performance in all lens curves.


RayBan lab activation and order placement


DST CustomPlus HD

CustomPlus HD uses cutting edge lens design and technology in which the manufacturing and design process integrates the patient’s prescription on the backside of the lens. Combined with frame optimization, the process eliminates unwanted astigmatism, swim, and peripheral distortions. The end result gives the patient a lens that provides a maximized field of vision.

  • A more accurate Rx, Tailor made to the patient
  • Virtually no distortion or swim
  • 20-30% expanded field of vision
  • Reduced head movement
  • Little to no adaptation time needed.
  • Thin, light, more comfortable
  • The most optimal visual solution on the market today
  • Superior, durable Anti-Reflective coating

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Frame Selection

  • Minimum B dimensions 24-26mm for HD progressive lenses.
  • Maintain a minimum of 10 mm for the distance viewing area.
  • Accurate frame measurements required for uncut lens orders.
  • Increase ED measurement by 3mm for all uncut lens orders.
  • Keep decentration to a minimum.

Initial Fit

  • Observe customer in his/her normal posture
  • Pre adjust all frames before taking measurements.
  • 10-12 degrees of pantoscopic tilt applied before taking measurements.
  • An accurate Monocular PD is critical
  • Seg Height: at the bottom 1/3 of the pupil. If dilated, take at center minus 1-2mm.
  • O.C. Height should be taken on HD single vision.


Zeiss Precision digital progressives now available for order from LLS
December 11, 2015

Effective immediately you can order Zeiss Precision Pure and Zeiss Precision Plus lenses for your patients with EyeMed benefits. These new cutting edge designs, offering up to 40% larger fields of view, can be ordered through Luxottica Lab Services (LLS).

Both lenses use Digital Inside technology to meet the digital lifestyles of today’s progressive wearers. Zeiss Precision Pure is available in 5 corridor lengths, while Zeiss Precision Plus comes with FrameFit + to fit any frame size and shape with an automatic variable corridor design. The LLS catalog has been updated to include these new designs.

ZEISS Progressive Individual 3

ZEISS Progressive Individual 3 takes personalization to a new level, empowering you to meet your patient’s vision needs better than ever.

  • Customized for patient’s full prescription for up to 50% larger clear fields of view***
  • Corridor sized automatically for best optics in any frame size and shape
  • Position-of-wear customization for enhanced visual acuity
  • Patented back-surface fabrication and the most accurate realization of design and Rx
  • Expanded Rx range to -6.00 cyl and 4.00D add with larger effective diameters

ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 Product Brochure PDF
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ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 makes it easy to deliver the right balance of near, intermediate, and distance vision for every patient. All you have to do is specify design option 2I (Intermediate/Dynamic) or 2N (Near) if warranted by the patient’s visual profile.

ZEISS PhotoFusion X® 

Patients on the go want their self-tinting lenses to keep pace with their activities. PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses darken up to 20% faster and fade back to clear up to twice as fast as the leading photochromic lenses.**

Indoors the lenses are very clear, and in full sunlight Photofusion lenses turn very dark. In between, photochromic lenses provide what no other type of lens can offer – a consistent mid-range tint that adjusts appropriately to current lighting conditions.

PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses are available in gray or brown in the most popular lens designs and materials in the Carl Zeiss Vision portfolio.

**Average performance for polycarbonate and high-index lenses compared to the leading photochromic lenses. Performance will vary according to material, temperature, treatments, and light conditions.

ZEISS PhotoFusion® Product Brochure PDF
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ZEISS Officelens

Customized for prescription and frame ZEISS Officelens is made using patented* ZEISS back-surface freeform technology and is fully customized for:

Rx – Designed specifically for your patient’s exact sphere, cylinder, axis and add, ZEISS Officelens delivers wider, more symmetrical fields of view compared to ordinary computer/office lenses.

Frame – The viewing zones of ZEISS Officelens are automatically sized for the frame for fitting heights of 13-35mm.*

ZEISS Officelens Product Brochure PDF
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Easy to order. Order the same way you order a progressive lens, and then simply choose the patient’s preferred working distance option. There is no need to specify an intermediate power.

  • ZEISS Officelens Book. Widest fields of clear vision out to 3 feet (100cm). For reading, using a computer or handheld device, and other visually intensive up-close activities.
  • ZEISS Officelens Desk. Wide fields of view out to 7 feet (200cm). For reading, computer use and a clear view of a cubicle or small office.
  • ZEISS Officelens Room. For nearly any indoor or closer-range outdoor visual activities, with wide, clear vision out to 14 feet (400cm.)


HOYA MyStyle

MyStyle is the first completely personalized progressive lens, designed specifically for what your eyes see most throughout your day. From staring at a tiny computer screen, to driving on the freeway after dark, to sizing up a shot at the flagstick, MyStyle lenses are designed exclusively for the most common visual adjustments you have to make, to bring what you see most into complete focus.

HOYA MyStyle Product Brochure WEB
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HOYA LifeStyle 2

LENSES CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR SPECIFIC LIFESTYLES. CLARITY – For active individuals who frequently shift their focus between near and far objects. HARMONY – For those who primarily focus on objects and tasks no more than an arm’s length away.

HOYA LifeStyle 2 Product Brochure WEB
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