Product Warranty

Your satisfaction is important to us. That is why we provide a 180 day warranty for lab-related problems and even longer for anti-reflective coatings.  If there is a problem, we will work with you to determine the optimal resolution. Please reference the remake policy below and contact Luxottica Lab Services if you have additional questions.

Lab Errors or Defects
Remakes due to lab error or defect in workmanship or material will be replaced with like product at no charge up to 180 days from original Rx order date. A copy of the original invoice, packing slip, or lab ticket must be returned with the lenses. Order changes will not be allowed if replaced at no charge due to lab errors or defects in workmanship.

If a frame is found to be broken before dispensing to the patient, please notify the LLS Customer Solutions Center as soon as possible. Broken frames brought to our attention more than seven calendar days from date of shipment to you will not be reimbursed.

Remakes After 180 Days: Remake requests submitted to the lab 180 days or more after the original Rx order date will be charged at private pay pricing. (Exceptions: See AR exceptions)

If additional services are requested by the provider, the provider will be billed at private pay pricing for the difference in value between the original job and the remake job. Service upgrades count towards the first-time free remake allowance. Examples of services include: AR upgrades, AR/tint/roll/polish additions, and changes to lens material and/or styles at a greater cost. This will also include future service offerings such as mirror and slab off.

Remakes After 180 days
Remake requests submitted to the lab 180 days or more after the original Rx order date will be charged at the full private pay pricing. (Exceptions: See AR exception)

First Time Free Remake
Lab manufacturing defects are remade at no charge and will not count as a first time remake. First-time lens remakes are at no charge for the following reasons:

  • Power Changes
  • Axis Changes
  • Segment height and other measurement changes
  • Non-Adapt changes (in lens style or material)
  • Change in base curve
  • Change in frame with a corresponding change in prescription

To qualify for the first-time free lens remake, the original job must have been purchased from our lab, be within 180 days of the original order date, be remakes for lenses only of the same brand as the original order and be the first remake. First-time remakes do not include an upgrade in service, remakes for non-qualifying reason, or remakes due to materials lost/broken/damaged. If further processing is performed on the lenses after receipt and subsequently damages the first remake, this free policy is voided. Remakes will be for similar or lesser cost. Changes which result in higher cost will not be considered for the first-time free remake and will be charged at private pay pricing. Upgrades void the first-time free remake policy.

Subsequent Remakes
After the first remake, private pay pricing will be charged, unless there is a lab error or defect (see lab errors/defects section above). This resets the remake policy. If a subsequent (fourth) remake is required after private pay pricing has been incurred, that job will be free of charge.

Exceptions for Anti-Reflective Coatings
All remakes due to defects in the following anti-reflective coatings will be provided for the time frame noted, as measured from the original Rx order date.  This applies for an unlimited number of times unless otherwise indicated:

One Year Warranty

  • LLS Custom CleAR Standard
  • Hoya Premium w/ ViewProtect (1 time)
  • Hoya Premium (1 time)
  • ZEISS SET (1 time)
  • Synchrony HMC

Two Year Warranty

  • LLS Custom CleAR Plus
  • Ray-Ban Standard AR UV
  • Ray-Ban Premium AR UV
  • Oakley Stealth
  • Hoya Super HIVision EX3
  • Hoya Super Hi-Vison
  • Hoya Hi-Vision W/ VP (2 times)
  • Hoya Hi-Vision (2 times)
  • Hoya Recharge
  • ZEISS PureCoat Plus
  • ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum
  • ZEISS DuraVision® Silver
  • ZEISS DuraVision® Chrome
  • ZEISS Duravision® Blue Protect
  • ZEISS DuraVision® Sun
  • ZEISS DuraVision® DriveSafe
  • Synchrony HMCX
  • Synchrony HMC+
  • Hoya Clarity Shield 2 Hardcoat
  • Zeiss Foundational Hardcoat

 Frame Exceptions:

LLS is unable to accept the following frames. Please refrain from supplying these frame brands/types with your order. If supplied, they will be returned unprocessed.

  • Costa® frames
  • Italee® frames
  • Oakley® Sun frames (excluded except if ordered by an authorized dealer with authentic Oakley lenses)
  • Maui Jim® Sun frames
  • Sport frames other than Oakley sport frames with Oakley authentic lenses
  • Safety frames
  • Shields
  • Swissflex®
  • Wiley X® frames
  • Notch mounts other than with Oakley authentic lenses
  • Frames with step bevels other than with Oakley authentic lenses


Patient-Owned Frames:

Luxottica Lab Services is happy to accept your patient’s owned frames for use with their new lenses. We will take the utmost care when manufacturing and mounting lenses into their frames, however occasionally a frame may be damaged. Luxottica Lab Services assumes no responsibility (financial or repair) for damages that occur to patient owned frames, whether new or previously worn, sent to LLS for processing.  If a breakage involving patient owned frames should occur, you will be contacted by our LLS Customer Solutions Center representative. The following process will be followed to complete your order:

  • If frame is still available for repurchase-
    • The damaged frame will be used for tracing purposes. The damaged frame will be returned with the edged lenses.
  • If frame is no longer available-
    • A new frame must be sent in at no cost to Luxottica Lab Services. The broken frame will be returned with your completed order.

In the rare instance that your patient’s own frames are misplaced, you will be contacted with the following options to complete your order:

  • If the frame is still available for repurchase
    • Send a replacement frame and lenses will be mounted.
  • If the frame is no longer available
    • Restyle your patient into a similar frame from your store’s inventory.
  • Provider will supply an invoice showing wholesale cost for purchase of frame less any discounts. Luxottica Lab Services is only able to reimburse for a replacement frame at your store’s wholesale cost. A check will be issued to your store. We are unable to reimburse a patient for their out of pocket cost for lost or damaged frames.

Demo lenses

We make every effort to return demo lenses, both sun and clear. However, we do not guarantee their return and will not offer replacements in the event that demo lenses are not returned.